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This 13-Week Nutrition Program is brought to you by Dietitians of Palm Valley (DOPV). DOPV is a nutrition private practice made up of a team of Registered Dietitians located in Ponte Vedra Beach, FL. These ladies are the official dietitians of the Jacksonville Jaguars and JU Dolphins. In addition to working with athletes, DOPV works with anyone who has to eat...aka EVERYONE. DOPV has created this 13-Week Nutrition Program specifically to teach YOU how to fuel your body for success. Want to lower your body fat percentage, gain lean mass, increase energy levels, or get stronger? You're in the right place.
Meet of the Co-Owners of DOPV. She will be walking you through this 13-Week Nutrition Program with weekly videos, guides, and challenges! Feel like you need more individualized support from Sammy? Click here to schedule an individualized nutrition consultation. Enter the promo code "TUFnutrition" for an exclusive discount. 

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